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Natural Herbs for Relaxation, Tranquility and More.

Disclaimer: I am not a Doctor or medical professional, for medical advise please visit a health professional. Information and other content provided in this blog, or in any linked materials, are not intended and should not be construed as medical advice.


Did you know that many natural healing herbs are in your kitchen recipe? These herbs have been used for centuries and are still used today for relaxation, tranquility and many more.

How does Agayusanteria use Natural herbs?

Agayusanteria uses natural essential herbs to make our handmade soaps, herb bags, perfumes and candles. Some of our main ingredients and purpose are mentioned below.


Sage - Use for cleansing dark energy and removing evil eye.

Lavender - For a relaxation and calming effect.

Rosemary- Use to improve stress and tranquility.


Some of our best selling products include our Herbal Essential Tealight candles. Made uniquely from 5 essential candles, lavender, rose, vanilla, blue ocean, and white sage.

Algunos de nuestros productos más vendidos incluyen nuestras velas Herbal Essential Tealight. Hecho exclusivamente a partir de 5 velas esenciales: lavanda, rosa, vainilla, océano azul y salvia blanca.

Our Natural Herbal Soap made with Natural rose pedals, shea butter and sage. Use for a calming and relaxation effect.

Nuestro jabón de hierbas naturales elaborado con pedales de rosas naturales, salvia. Úselo para un efecto calmante y relajante.

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